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Real messes, Real clean

There's clean and there's BISSELL clean.

Whatever kind of floor you have, there's a perfect kind of BISSELL floor cleaner for it. From powerful vacuums, deep cleaning carpet washers, steam cleaners and super smart solutions for pet owners. Discover more here.

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Keeping floors spotlessly clean for 140 years.

When you've been at the forefront of floor cleaning for 140 years, you notice one thing, floor fashion may change but the need for exceptional cleaning solutions doesn't.  Wood, laminate, carpet, stone, vinyl, we develop highly effective appliances for each and every kind of floor.  Which is why we have several patents for both wet and dry cleaning technologies.  As well as spotless, hygienically clean floors, every BISSELL floor offer perfect peace of mind. 

Find the perfect device for you and your floor.

CrossWave Cordless

BISSELL CrossWave Cordless


The Crosswave Cordless vacuums, washes and dries all at the same time and all without the restrictions of wires and cords.  Choose between hard floor or carpet mode.  The Crosswave's rotating brushes remove sticky spills and stubborn marks on wood and tile or clean deep down into the fibres of carpets and rugs. 

Clean without compromise

We've been keeping family homes spotless for almost 150 years. Children and pets bring a lot of joy to the home but they can also bring a lot of mess. Who cares when you can vacuum, wash and dry every kind of floor with the BISSELL CrossWave.

Cleaning tips

Back to school – house cleaning tips

It’s that time again – back to school! And after the past few weeks of holidays, we are sure your house is looking pretty messy. But keeping your house clean and the kids out of trouble shouldn’t be a chore in itself, so here are some simple tips for removing those everyday stains quickly and easily.

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